Are you ready? Anytime you want to help, we’re here!

Volunteer, Join and Support – Either way… Your participation is always needed to benefit young people who are diagnosed with cancer!

We have great ambitious goals to accomplish unmet needs. Each moment you devote is a new opportunity for a young person to live with dignity and a sense that someone really CARES.

That’s the ultimate focus. Sustainable help. Comfort for patients. Awareness in the community. Resources and gifts. Education for families and professionals. Support – whatever you have – BRING IT!! Can you walk? Run? Bike? Jog? Can you wrap? Purchase? Create? Give?

Who – You, your team, your skinny friend, your club members
What – Walk, run, jog, bike, build a legacy with Positive Pounders….
Where – Upcoming Southern California Events!!!
When – October 13, and November 2, 2013 ~ Stay Connected for FUTURE Events